Making Europe: On the Political Economy of Fascism

Organized by / organizacija: Centre for Labour Studies (Centar za radničke studije – CRS,
“Two lectures: On Fascism and Islamophobia”
BAZA, Božidara Adžije 11, Zagreb, 24.11.2017., 17h
Moderator: Stipe Ćurković

Aleksandar Matković: Making Europe: On the Political Economy of Fascism

The crisis of 2008., the story goes, seals the breakdown of the post-war order and the fragile power balance that were the European social-democracies. On the other hand, the ensuing upsurge of far-right nationalism only aggravates fears of fascism “2.0”.

In contrast to both, this lecture will address the political economy of fascism in light of its contemporary aftermath. While most theories of proto-fascism in liberalism (Ishay Landa, Gaspar Miklos Tamas, Domenico Losurdo, Tomaž Mastnak, Adam Tooze, etc.) rest on the use of analogies, this lecture will attempt to ground their relation beyond purely historical method. A self-reflection of Marxism is thus in order before one can fully analyse the contemporary tendencies of neoliberal Europe.

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