European democracy : time to reconquest

European Lab Cluj
June 13 & 14, 2019

– European democracy : time to reconquest! –

Corruption, fake news, censorship, police repression, obstruction of the freedom of the press or even assassination of journalists… Attacks against democracy cross Europe and become commonplace at a disturbing pace and in indifference. Citizen commitment to democratic models suffers as evidenced by the high rates of abstention and the success of authoritarian and illiberal candidacies across the continent. Faced with this alarming observation, several actors from different sectors are emerging and entering into resistance. Journalists, activists, cultural actors are in the front line to denounce these deviances and engage to initiate a democratic reconquest.

– Andrei BULEARCA (Funky Citizens, RO)
– Peter EKSTEIN KOVACS (Former parliamentarian, RO)
– Aleksandar MATKOVIC (University of Belgrade, SRB)
– Bianca FELSEGHI (Press One, RO)

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